And Sense together to challenge the limits

In Sense, people working in the international environment with cutting-edge technology, we may become together to challenge the limit。

Measurement of pressure, force, torque and acceleration Sense products: they can be used in different applications, and constantly improve have a brilliant future. And our employees have been following the global trend - mobility, emission reduction, quality control and lightweight structures - challenging the limits. Together with our customers as they foresee the problem is to find the answer, Sense services to ensure that our customers have a strong partner has been providing support on their side。

In Sense, we focus on team: together, we shape the future. We offer attractive working environments and opportunities for 1500 employees worldwide. Whether you're an expert, a manager, a graduate student, a student or an intern, we always have the right place to help you keep improving。

We look forward to working with you together, and we will continue to challenge the limits。


Market and sales

Number of recruiters:2

Job description

1、Collect customer information;

2、Accept customer order, make sales order, and contact with Finance;

3、E-commerce network promotion;

4、Assist supervisor to do sales backstage support;

5、Relevant sales agreements, contracts and other filing management;

6、Inventory and delivery management;

7、Other tasks assigned by supervisor。

Job requirements

1、Gender: female, age:22-26

2、The state admits college degree or above, major in automation, electronics or related is preferred;

3、Strong executive ability, diligent and pragmatic, practical, serious and patient. Have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility;

4、Good manners, good image, good communication skills and team spirit;

5、Strong ability to learn and adapt

Contact information